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10 Inspirational Quotes for Growth

April 23, 2020

Is it possible to go through the most difficult time of your life, while simultaneously experiencing a period of immense spiritual and personal growth? Not only are those two things not mutually exclusive, but they are also intrinsically linked. That’s why I’ve put together these inspirational quotes for growth to help you through these trying times.

Shilagh Mirgain, Health Psychologist at the University of Madison, Wisconsin says in relation to trauma and hardship:

“We can shut down emotionally and let ourselves become hardened by it, or we can grow from the experience.” 

It can draw our attention to the ways in which we take certain aspects of our lives for granted. It challenges our very identity and beliefs we’ve formed leaving us to ask questions we never thought we would have to.

When we are willing to ask and explore those questions —who am I? What really matters to me? What do I want my life to be about?— we can begin to rebuild and construct a new foundation, often from the ground up, that is more authentic and based on who we really are and what’s important, rather than on the values others have placed on us.”

Dr. Shilagh Mirgain, The Surprising Benefit of Going Through Difficult Times, 03/21/2017

Have you ever experienced a period of personal growth during or after a tough time? If you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear your story.

10 Inspirational Quotes for Growth

“Wherever life
plants you,
bloom with grace.”

“It is an act of
to feel your feelings.”
—Gayle Forman

“Ask for what
you want and
be prepared
to get it.”
—Maya Angelou

“There’s a future
version of me
who’s proud I was
strong enough.”

“And here you are
despite it all.”
Rupi Kaur

“I know this
is painful, but you’re not
falling apart;
you’re just falling into
something different,
with a new capacity to
be beautiful.”
—William C. Hannan

“Stop shrinking
yourself to fit places
you’ve outgrown.”

“Keep taking
time for yourself
until you’re
you again.”
—Lalah Delia

“Vulnerability is not
a weakness; it is our
greatest measure
of courage.”
—Brene Brown

“And too often
we forfet we are worthy
of our love too.”

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