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10 MORE Positive Quotes for Tough Times

April 6, 2020

Right now the world is looking a little bit scary. Maybe you can’t stop watching the news or scrolling through social media threads, wondering how and when you will start to feel normal again. Or if anyone feels the same way that you’re feeling. Enter: more positive quotes for tough times!

Quotes have a way of really putting things in perspective. If you are struggling right now or feeling alone, reading words that encompass exactly what you are going through can really make you feel like someone out there gets it. This can be extremely therapeutic and I’ve relied on positive quotes for help during times where I’ve felt super low.

Another way I cope with anxiety, stress and sorrow is throwing myself into a creative project. That brought me to these illustrations of some of my favorite words. I hope the words and the art bring you comfort and strength during the hardship you are going through!

10 MORE Positive Quotes for Tough Times

“I hope this season of change
takes you to the place where
you need to be, where your
heart will be allowed to grow
and free to feel.”

“You have been assigned
this mountain so that
you can show others
it can be moved.”
—Mel Robbins

begins with the
understanding that
we all struggle.”
—Charles Glassman

“Even the darkest
of night will end
and the sun will rise.”
—Les Miserables

“I am not what
happened to me,
I am what I choose
to become.”
C.G. Jung

“There is nothing in nature
that blooms all year long,
so don’t expect yourself
to do so either.”

“May the petals
teach me
the art of
letting go.”
—Xan Oku

“Because no matter how
tough the world becomes,
you must never
run out of sweetness.”
—Bernado Kath

“Just because someone
carries it well doesn’t
mean it isn’t heavy.”

“Sometimes all that
matters is that you’re
still trying.”

I hope these additional curated positive quotes for tough times bring you some sense of calm and relief during your time of uncertainty, grief or trauma. Trust me when I say you are not alone in how you are feeling. Just know that each day you will adjust a little more, and find those little things to be grateful for. It’s okay to not have it all figured out yet. You are strong and capable and you will get through this!

If you’d like to read a larger selection of quotes, make sure to check out my Pinterest boards for Coping and Growth quotes. I’m always updating it with words I find inspirational, thought-provoking & healing.

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