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10 Positive Quotes for Tough Times That Really Helped Me

March 27, 2020

Could you use a pick-me-up right about now? How about some positive quotes for tough times? Me too! There’s something magical about reading someone else’s words that seem to get inside your mind and what you need to hear.

Look, life looks really weird right now. The recent worldwide pandemic has caused a lot of turmoil, pain, and uncertainty for everyone, especially those who have been impacted directly by the illness or by losing their job/way of life due to it’s spread. There have been feelings of denial, shock, sadness, and despair and overall just a sense of unease as we adjust to our “new normal.”

And justifiably so. This is what we call trauma. Personally, the past 20 months leading up to this time have been incredibly challenging as I’ve navigated the terminal illness and passing of a parent at a young age (the latter part while I was in the first trimester of my first pregnancy). Before this, my life had been “relatively” normal.

Going through this particular trauma did give me a crash course in “Life Doesn’t Always Go as Planned and Often Isn’t Fair 101”. While it was never a class I’d sign up for voluntarily, I’ve noticed the skills I’ve used and lessons I’ve learned during my grieving process helped prepare me for future traumatic situations, like a global pandemic.

While it may seem like something small, I hope reading through these quotes and taking them in has a positive effect on your psyche and outlook and that you come through this stronger than ever.

10 Positive Quotes That Helped Me Through Tough Times

“Staying positive doesn’t mean you
have to be happy all the time.
It means that even on hard days
you know that there
are better ones coming.”

“Do not lose hope,
please believe
that there are a thousand
beautiful things waiting for you.
Sunshine comes to all
who feel rain.”
—R.M. Drake

“I’ve learned as time passes,
all the things that you’re afraid of
will come and they will go
and you’ll be alright.”
—Stevie Nicks

“I survived because
the fire inside me
burned brighter than
the fire around me.”
—Joshua Graham

“At the end of the day,
we can endure much more
then we think we can.”
—Frida Kahlo

“Owning our story and
loving ourselves
through that process is
the bravest thing
that we’ll ever do.”
—Brene Brown

“Flowers grow back
even after the
harshest of winters.
You will too.”
—Jennae Cecelia

“The silence after the rain…
how quickly the sky
pulls herself together.”
—April Green

“Perhaps the butterfly is
proof that you can go
through a great deal
of darkness yet still become something
—Beau Taplin

“The universe buries
strange jewels deep within
us all, and then stands back
to see if we can find them.”
—Elizabeth Gilbert

I hope these curated positive quotes for tough times bring you some sense of calm and relief during your time of uncertainty, grief or trauma. Trust me when I say you are not alone in how you are feeling. Just know that each day you will adjust a little more, and find those little things to be grateful for. It’s okay to not have it all figured out yet. You are strong and capable and you will get through this!

If you’d like to read a larger selection of quotes, make sure to check out my Pinterest boards for Coping and Growth quotes. I’m always updating it with words I find inspirational, thought-provoking & healing.

Do quotes help you through tough times? I’d love to hear some of your favorites in the comments! Stay healthy and stay safe friends.

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