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La Boquita // Relaxing Refuge at the Beach

We arrived at our hotel in La Boquita the next evening, after traveling in a taxi from the Apoyo Lagoon. This was not an easy feat at first, getting a taxi, but once we did, it was about an hour and forty five minutes to our next destination, and only about $20. Mike had found a beautiful looking hotel on TripAdvisor called MYRINaMAR, owned and operated by 2 French expats who turned out to be the loveliest hostesses. The hotel was 2 stories, open and airy with a lofted suite which easily accommodated the 4 of us comfortably, as well as a luxurious and interestingly decorated bathroom and access to a large deck with comfortable hammocks overlooking the ocean. As with the other hotel we had stayed in at the Lagoon, this hotel had it's own resident cat and small kitten. Paradise!

Breakfasts were included in the price and were 3 delicious courses of fresh tropical fruit, eggs with curry, tomato and spinach, homemade yogurt with local honey, organic breads and fresh coffee and orange juice. We dined on the bottom level, facing the ocean and listening to the crash of the waves. During the 3 days we spent here, I could feel all of my stress melting away, thinking the only responsibilities I had at the moment were R&R&R (Reading, Resting and Relaxing). Our day excursions included a trip to Casares, a small fishing village, and a trip to Huehuete, another very small rural town where we swam on the beach and enjoyed a few limonadas and Frescas in a Comedor (family run, outdoor restaurant) before returning to the hotel. Casares was an interesting juxtaposition of large (foreign owned) houses, casinos and hotels, mixed with the typical tin shacks of the locals and various livestock wandering about, particularly pigs. 

I did get a bit of heat exhaustion during one of our beach walks, as I quite stupidly decided not to wear a hat or anything covering my shoulders, causing me to feel very faint and eventually sunburned as well the next day. Don't ever do that! I made sure from then on to keep myself properly covered. We passed a lot of interesting things on the beach, several tide pools brimming with interesting sea life, including sea slugs, snails and tiny crabs, which re-ignited my interest in sea life from my brief obsession with Marie biology that I had as a child. In addition to the tide pools, there were also man made pools that were built into the tide pools to create a safe place to swim on the rocky coast. Those were cool! We swam in one for a bit called The Padre's Pool, which also helped me cool off from my touch of heatstroke on the rest of the walk home.

We left La Boquita relaxed, well fed, and re-charged for the next adventure. Turns out, I was going to really need it!

Helpful Information:
1 km from the Junction Casares โ€“ La Boquita, to the Boquita on your right Carazo, Nicaragua

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