Over the past several months, I have really started putting a lot more thought and effort into how I curate my feed, and I wanted to share that process with you!

Before going on a trip, I usually have an idea of the types of images I would like to shoot based on my aesthetic. For me that means looking for sweet & whimsical locations & buildings, street art, anything girly or pink. Obviously the location itself will dictate the specific elements (ie, tropical, urban, quaint, nature, etc) but since I have been cultivating a certain vibe to my feed, my challenge is to adapt the shots I take in each location to this aesthetic. Is it limiting? A bit. I don’t stop myself from taking pictures to my hearts content (That’s why I got that 16GB storage!) but in terms of feed planning I try to keep it pretty tight. 

How do I do my research? 


I’m constantly saving inspiration via the Instagram “Save” feature and through Pinterest. For the “Save” feature, you can make folders to save different categories, so I have made folders for specific locations and also just concepts and poses I like. When I have a trip coming up, I look into the folders of things I have already saved, and then do some Instagram scouting. I look through accounts that I know have visited these places to get inspiration and location ideas, and I also sometimes do searches by location to see top posts. It’s better to be super specific with this - for example searching Notting Hill vs London so your results will be more streamlined. 

My categorized “Saved” Folders on Instagram

My categorized “Saved” Folders on Instagram


My friends and family always kind of joke with me that I am “really good at the internet” but I have to say it’s pretty accurate. I use Google searches to help with specific ideas, like “Best Street Art in London” or “Cutest Cafes in Paris”, etc. There are plenty of resources out there! I have also reached out to bloggers via DM, and you’d be surprised how willing to help they are, even ones with large accounts.


Making an organized checklist of photo ideas and locations is helpful. I’ve also found that you can make personalized Google Maps and this has definitely helped with with planning the logistics of content shooting. If certain locations are clustered together, you can plan your schedule that way. I also used this to make my Baltimore Street Art Map.

An example of a list I made for London

An example of a list I made for London


As I’ve shared before on stories, I use the Preview App to plan my feed. It’s easy to use and a great way to plan out the order to share your posts. When I have a trip coming up or have local content ideas, I actually screenshot, save and apply my preset to my inspiration images, and put them into Preview. While it’s not 100% what my version will be, it does help give me an idea of how my location choices/colors will fit into my feed, and also helps me stay on task and organized when planning content. This is something I’ve recently started doing and I’ve found it to be really helpful! When I take my actual shots, then I can replace my inspiration images with my own and it feels like I’ve completed a fun little photo scavenger hunt.

How do you plan your feed? Do you have any questions for me?

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